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Nature’s Delights

4 Pastel Artists

Show Dates: June 2 - 24
Reception: Friday, June 2, 6-8 pm

Local artists Joëlle Feldman, Maryann Mullett, Lisa Regopoulos and Pam Short invite you to celebrate their interpretation of Nature’s Delights with their landscapes, still lifes and wildlife painted in pastels.

Maryann Mullett’s inspiration comes from natural shapes, colors and patterns in simple subjects and from studying the nuances that make each petal or feather beautiful as nature supplied.

Joëlle Feldman finds joy in subjects sharing an intensity of light and saturation of color, vibrancy, subtlety of form, texture and shadow.

Pam Short finds peace in painting nature and is drawn by the emotional impact of atmosphere and light.

Lisa Regopoulos does not aim to replicate nature, but to add her own lyrical impression of a scene by use of intuitive color choices, movement and gestural mark making to allow her personal expression to emerge.


The Whitty Gallery is located in the Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center, 30 Ash Street, Hollis, NH.